Divorce or separation is a difficult period in a family’s life. Issues related to parenting and fairly dividing time between both parents can worsen the situation. Use the tips listed below when creating a parenting plan that can accommodate the needs of everyone involved.

6 Tips for Creating a Parenting Plan

  1. Be open to sharing information about a child’s progress and development with the other parent. This makes following a parenting plan easier on both parents and all children involved. Disclosure is an important part of communicating during the custody process.
  2. Establish whether one parent will have sole custody. Whether sole custody or joint custody agreements are established, the parenting plan needs to include information on the times and places that each parent may see the children. Information regarding other people that may watch the children should also be included in the parenting plan.
  3. Any kind of monetary child support that has been agreed upon or is being sought in court should be mentioned in the parenting plan. Details regarding why the parent requesting support feels it is reasonable can be included.
  4. Medical conditions and any medication that must be taken as a result of these conditions should be clearly outlined in the parenting plan so that both parents are aware of serious medical issues. This includes physical and mental health issues.
  5. Discuss how extracurricular activities will be handled. It is possible that children will be engaging in these activities while under the care of each parent. Both parents should be aware of the child’s extracurricular schedule.
  6. Seek the advice of an Indianapolis law firm before finalizing anything that is written in a parenting plan. Law firms that have experience with family law in Indianapolis are ideal for assisting with the development of a parenting plan.

Consult a family law attorney in Indianapolis at Garrison Law Firm for more information on creating a parenting plan following a divorce or separation.


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