Medical Follow-Up Important in Personal Injury Cases

Medical follow-up is a crucial component of any personal injury case. The legal process requires a lawyer to present adequate medical evidence regarding your injuries or illness related to your case. 

Anyone going through a legal battle related to a medical issue that was either not properly handled by doctors or other caretakers or that has resulted from an accident on the job will need to be sure to seek medical follow-ups during the case. The legal process requires a lawyer to present adequate medical evidence regarding any injury or illness that is related to their client’s case. Valid cases cannot be won without proper evidence available to present in court.

Documentation related to medical visits should be provided for an attorney to aid in the building of a case. Not only is it important to receive medical care immediately following an injury or illness and periodically throughout the length of the case, but all medical care needs to be properly recorded and a lawyer will need access to records that relate to the case.

Those who have been hurt while on the job should remember that there are generally authorized medical providers that must complete all examinations related to worker’s compensation claims. A worker who has sought medical care and follow-ups related to an injury suffered while on the job may not have a case for receiving worker’s compensation if the medical treatment was not provided by a medical professional authorized to examine patients on behalf of the employer. Indianapolis attorneys may have trouble building a case when examinations and tests have been completed by a medical professional not listed as an employer’s authorized provider.

A Garrison Law Firm personal injury lawyer in can help you build a case when information discovered during medical treatments is properly documented and accessible.