Why Professional Atheletes Need Legal Support for Sports Management

If you shoot hoops or catch touchdowns for a living, your mind may be on supporting your health, strengthening your physique and being a team leader. However, there’s a lot more responsibility that comes with being a professional athlete, and it can be overwhelming to manage it on your own. Having an attorney manage the legal aspect of your sports career can help you focus on the things that help you progress in your field and can save you money and headaches over time.


Legal professionals are knowledgeable about tax laws and how they affect you as a professional and an individual. Athletes who travel have to deal with tax laws in different countries and states. According to Bankrate, professional athletes are taxed in practically every district in which they’ve played. An attorney may be required to validate and coordinate customs and duties when you travel. The need for taxation advice may increase when you bring staff along with you on your trips.


As a sports professional, you need to have proper documents in order to enter and work within a variety of countries. Legal immigration documentation and identification is required to travel lawfully between nations. Hire an attorney to take care of this paperwork for you so you don’t have to experience any hassles on your way to your next career win.

In the Limelight

As a sports professional, you’re not just responsible for athletics. You’re also a role model with a public image. Everything you say, do and sponsor can reflect on you and your team. The image you portray to the public is important, and although it would be nice to assume that you conduct yourself perfectly and never say the wrong thing, the media and the public can turn things around in a second. Your legal team can advise you on what to say on the record, what to avoid projecting and who to collaborate with to maintain your image and avoid legal recourse.

Show Me the Money

Athletes need to protect their earnings. A sports management lawyer can help you ensure your money is being invested properly and is adequately safeguarded. The more money you make, the more important it is to protect it. Especially in the case of a breakup, a car accident or another life-changing situation, it’s important to have a lawyer watching your financial back.

Isn’t That What a Sports Manager is For?

Although managers can arrange for all of the administrative details in your life to come together seamlessly, they aren’t allowed to give any legal advice. They also can’t validate or authorize legal documents. That means that if you have questions about your contract, your manager is not authorized to answer them. Every contract that’s negotiated and signed must be examined by an attorney. Sports managers often work alongside lawyers to assist athletes with legal processes and procedures, but managers can’t provide legal consultation.

The sports management experts at Garrison Law Firm can provide legal advice, consultation and management for sports professionals. We’ll help provide comprehensive support for your athletic career so you can concentrate on the skills that got you there in the first place. Contact us to find out more about how we can help manage your sports career from a legal perspective so you can achieve all of your professional goals.

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