If your license is currently suspended you know just how hard it is to do basic things like get to work, pick up the kids from practice or go to the grocery store. Driving with a suspended license can lead to harsh consequences including arrest and the filing of criminal charges. Don’t take the risk.

If your license is currently suspended because of a court order or by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles you may be eligible for specialized driving privileges. Common examples of suspensions include a suspension because of a conviction for operating while intoxicated (or some other crime involving the operation of a motor vehicle) or a habitual traffic violator suspension.
Specialized driving privileges can be restricted to only allow a person to drive on certain days, during certain hours and for certain purposes and may require you to obtain an ignition interlock device for your vehicle. An experienced attorney can help you tailor a request to your specific needs.

Once you have been granted specialized driving privileges you must maintain proof of future financial responsibility during the period of the suspension, carry a copy of the order with you when operating a vehicle, produce a copy of the order at the request of a police officer, and carry a valid state ID or driver’s license.

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