Small businesses do not need the assistance of attorneys in Indianapolis for every aspect of the business, but there are certain legal issues that require the help of a legal professional. Keep reading to discover when a small business should consult an Indianapolis law firm to avoid a legal headache.

Formal Complaints Against Small Businesses

A legal professional should be contacted immediately any time a small business is dealing with a complaint or investigation launched by a government agency. The legal repercussions of a government complaint or investigation related to the alleged violation of a law can be devastating for a small business.

Environmental Issues

Small businesses can often be the target of a legal complaint related to the environment. Accusations can occur despite a small business’s direct involvement in environmental-friendly practices. An attorney is necessary in this case because it can be time consuming and confusing for a small business to prove lack of liability in the situation.

Employee Discrimination Issues

While high profile cases of discrimination lawsuits in large companies may be the focus of the media, it is not impossible for a small business owner to encounter such lawsuits. The complicated process of proving that the company did not use discrimination in hiring or firing practices and did not tolerate a hostile work environment for employees is a topic best handled by experienced legal professionals.

Selling or Acquiring a Business

Attorneys knowledgeable in business law are a necessity when a small business is buying or selling a company. The paperwork and filing associated with the process is too complicated for the average small business owner to navigate alone.

A small business owner that is facing any serious business-related lawsuit should contact an experienced defense attorney in Indianapolis at Garrison Law Firm. We are ready to serve you.

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