Photographs are an indisputable record of a moment in time. A picture can objectively and instantly convey the facts and devastation of your personal injury and property damage. If you have experienced damages as a result of another party’s negligence, you or a bystander should photograph the facts that surround the event and any visible injuries that you sustained. It is important to photograph the negligent property conditions that caused the accident, such as water on the floor, loose flooring material, insufficient lighting or a broken handrail.

Evidence usually doesn’t last forever. Memories can fade, and visible signs of injuries may lessen over time. Defective items that caused the accident are usually repaired or replaced. Photographs provide a permanent record of the accident scene and damages. They provide vital information to the jurors and the insurance company that you may not be able to prove verbally. Garrison Law, a professional Indianapolis law firm, can assess your photographs. The legal team may discover details that initially went unnoticed. This is especially true if you take multiple photographs from various angles. While the responsible party may challenge your recollection of the facts, photographs are rarely disputed.

Once your injuries have healed, it may be difficult to relay the physical trauma to the court. An experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer will use photographs, along with your medical records, to support your claim for compensation. Photographs are an effective way to enable jurors to see what actually happened at the time of the accident and the resulting injuries. Unlike written documents, photographs leave very little to interpretation. Jurors will be able to see rather than simply imagine the pain and suffering that you experienced.

When your documentation of the accident includes photographs, it increases the credibility of your claim. The evidence has a powerful impact on the insurance company and jurors. Police officers and insurance companies take photographs of accident scenes during their investigations. If you are involved in an accident, remember to photograph the scene and your damages. Photographs increase the potential that you will receive the compensation that you need to recover from your accident.

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