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Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers

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Our personal injury lawyers have been working on behalf of injured people for over three decades. Since day one, we have consistently put our clients first. We work hard to recover what you are due so that you can get back to your life. Our personal injury attorneys work on a contingent fee basis so we don’t get paid until a recovery is made for you. Call today for a FREE PERSONAL INJURY CONSULTATION with one of our personal injury lawyers.


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Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury attorneys represent clients in negligence cases. These are cases where it is alleged that someone’s conduct imposed an unreasonable risk which resulted in personal injury or wrongful death.

These cases can involve but are not limited to, the following.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, contact one of our personal injury lawyers now!

Our injury lawyers are efficient negotiators. We work to handle your injury accident cases as amicably as possible. Yet, it is not always possible to reach a settlement. In those cases, we will file a lawsuit and aggressively intervene on your behalf. We have the skill and ability to obtain compensation for you if you have suffered because of another.

Our law firm has helped our injury clients get back the financial losses they have incurred because of their injuries. With that experience, we can help you too!

Contact us at 317-842-8283 to speak with one of our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys. You may also fill out the contact form and one of our accident lawyers will respond shortly. We know you might contact other personal injury law firms before choosing a lawyer. We believe our personal service, reliability, experience, and availability for our clients make us a strong choice to represent you in your injury claim.

How our Personal Injury Lawyers help you!

  • Explain the claim process
  • Explain the legal process
  • Obtain police reports
  • Relieve the stress of dealing with insurance companies
  • Prepare you for giving any necessary statement to insurance adjusters
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Take no attorney fee until your case is resolved (written contingent fee agreement)
  • Locate and preserve evidence
  • Help you properly document your injuries and treatment
  • Help uninsured clients find medical treatment on a lien basis
  • Pursue all avenues of possible recovery
  • Avoid legal pitfalls (they are numerous)
  • Locate and hire necessary expert witnesses
  • Advance the expenses of preparing your case so you have no out-of-pocket expenses
  • Present your claim with a formal, legally and medically supported, demand package
  • Obtain your medical bills, medical records, and lost wage documentation
  • Negotiate down liens of medical subrogation claims, workers comp claims, and unpaid medical providers
  • File suit in court if your case does not settle in the claim stage
  • Litigate your claim through formal discovery, mediation, motion practice, and jury trial

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My Case Take?

This is a typical question we address in our first meeting with a client. That first answer likely will not be a timeframe measured in days, weeks, or months. Most likely measured in stages of a case.

For example, if accident victims are in the hospital when he or she employs the legal services of Garrison Law firm, he or she may be in a prolonged period of recovery. That may include continuing medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. We cannot determine the value of the case without knowing the following.

  • How much the medical bills will be
  • How much lost income is incurred
  • Whether there will be permanent injury and future ongoing treatment
  • How painful of a recovery period.

Once you finish treatment we will collect and review medical bills and records. Then we collect lost income records and determine permanent injury value before considering a total value. This evaluation process can take many weeks. It depends on how quick medical providers and employers submit their records and how complicated the medical issues are to present in a demand package to the insurance company.

Once we determine a value we will make a demand for settlement to the insurance company. That insurance company may respond quickly or may sit on the claim for weeks or even months. Thus, any lawyer telling you that your case will settle quickly is just trying to sell you on his or her services as “fast,” not “complete.” There may be considerable value in patience by the patient (client).

What Will it Cost to Hire Garrison Law Firm, LLC?

Our accident lawyers handle all injury cases on a contingency fee. That means you only pay an attorney fee if we make a recovery for you. That fee is a percentage of the total recovery. If settled without filing a lawsuit we charge one-third of the total recovery. We raise our percentage to 40% once we file your lawsuit in court. Both rates are subject to rare exceptions.

Before and After a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Processing a claim is different than litigating a lawsuit. In personal injury law, the negotiation process often leads to a settlement without filing a lawsuit in court. In this case, there are no court hearings to attend, no depositions to prepare for and attend, and no written discovery to respond to or draft. The case becomes much more labor-intensive for the lawyer once they have to file a lawsuit. Thus, the fee percentage goes up.

Advancing Costs of your Personal Injury Claim or Lawsuit

At Garrison Law Firm, we typically advance the claim preparation costs for medical records on behalf of the client. If we file a lawsuit, we typically advance all litigation expenses. This includes expert witness fees. Once the case is resolved, those advanced expenses must be repaid by you. This typically is paid out of settlement proceeds or from the collection of a jury verdict.

Under Indiana law, contingent fee agreements must be in writing. So, we will give you a contract to sign that explains in more detail the agreement for your case.

How Does Insurance Work?

Most people believe that if they are injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault that they will be able to collect all their damages from the guilty party’s insurance carrier. Although there is truth in that statement, it is not completely true all the time.

Indiana law only requires passenger vehicle insurance limits of $25,000. Indiana law does not require YOU to have uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. Nor does it require you to have underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). Let’s break down those laws and what it means to you as an injured client.

The guilty driver that injured you may only have insurance coverage for your injuries for $25,000. If you had to have surgery and/or a lengthy stay in the hospital, all that money will go to pay your medical bills. Even if you have medical insurance for those medical bills.

Why is that?

Your health insurance carrier in almost all cases will have “subrogation” rights. This means that if it pays your medical bills for injuries that were the fault of someone else, the health insurance company will “stand in your shoes” and be entitled to take part of your recovery for your injuries. “That part” meaning the amounts it paid for your medical treatment.

The guilty party may not be insured at all. If the guilty party is not insured, then your only recovery could come from the guilty party’s personal assets. Generally, people who do not have insurance also don’t have assets. This, of course, makes it hard or impossible for them to pay a judgment for serious personal injuries.

Uninsured Motorists Coverage vs. Underinsured Motorists Coverage

This brings us to YOUR insurance coverage if you have uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. Then, UM and UIM coverage on your policy must pay the difference between the insurance coverage limit of the guilty party and your UM or UIM limits. Your UM and UIM limits are not generally in addition to the guilty party’s limits. They only make up the difference between the two.  Your maximum insurance recovery then is determined by the greater of the limits of the guilty party’s liability limits and your UM/UIM limits. Thus, you need to cover yourself and your motorcycle passengers with higher UM and UIM limits.

To buy higher UM and UIM coverage limits, you must also, under Indiana law, purchase at least as much liability coverage for others as you provide for yourself under UM and UIM limits. By “for others,” we mean if you caused an accident and someone else was injured, the limits they would be entitled to would be at least as much as the limits you provided yourself under your UM/UIM.

Some clients ask the question, “Why should my insurance company have to pay anything if the accident was not my fault?” The answer is because you hired them to pay UM or UIM coverage in the event that the guilty party did not have sufficient covered limits. You have a contract with them to protect you and your passengers, and you paid your insurance carrier money for that coverage. We also get the question, “Well, won’t my insurance company want to take care of me because I’m their customer?” The answer is, NO! At the point you make such a UM or UIM claim you will become their adversary. Your insurance company will view you no differently (if as well) as the uninsured or underinsured guilty party. Is it wrong for your insurance company to treat you that way? It’s just business to them and it is just the way it is.

Will GLF Help Me Get Top Dollar For My Damaged Property?

The answer is, no. Why? Generally, a lawyer cannot get you enough more money for your property as it would cost to represent you to do so.  Economically, it just does not make sense to hire a lawyer for the property damage. Our law office can make a huge difference for you in your personal injury claim value but not for your property damage claim. The property is worth what it is worth in a value book. We want you to be happy with the total result. That means you processing your property damage claim on your own. We can give you some helpful advice from our accident lawyers.


GLF staff was very professional and so helpful. They really took an interest in our case and did everything possible to help settle our claim. Thanks, GLF!

Molly M.

Client, via Google

Ashley was amazingly helpful, patient with me when I asked a million questions about my case, and thorough. She was great about keeping me up to date with what was going on with the case and where we were in the process. I cannot say enough good things about her.

Cherie K.

Client, via AVVO

Mr Garrison and his staff were very thorough in researching our case. They provided clear communication to us and guided us thru to a positive outcome. We have and will continue to recommend this office to our friends and family.


Client, via AVVO

No need to look any further for an attorney. I am extremely pleased with Ashley’s performance (from start to finish) with my case. She’s thorough, professional, has a quick response time, & honest. Ashley guided me through each step of the process, & I was always kept informed. I highly recommend Ms. Dayhuff!


Client, via AVVO

We are thankful for the kind reviews our clients have voluntarily offered online. While we promise to work tirelessly for every client, it is important to state each case is different and past results do not necessarily ensure future success. That being said, you can be assured our attorneys will work to achieve the best result possible in your case.

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