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Adulterated Food

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Adulterated food is more than just what many might think of as “food poisoning”.

Americans are living life on the run more and more. This is resulting in most of us frequently eating meals outside the home. Unfortunately, this exposes us to a higher possibility of food poisoning or adulterated food through the ingesting a food born virus, dangerous bacteria, or a food containing foreign matter.

Whether you were exposed at a fast food restaurant, fancy restaurant, or food from your local grocery, Garrison Law Firm has handled them all. Through years of experience, we have learned what facts make a good case for liability and damages, and we know what facts do not merit making a claim.

Whether the culprit was broken glass swallowed, spoiled meat, an intestinal virus passed on from an employee failing to wash hands before leaving the washroom, or any number of other scenarios, probably more than any other type of personal injury case, the victim needs immediate legal advice to preserve the case.

Call Garrison Law Firm to answer all your questions about adulterated food cases. There will be no attorney fee unless we recover for you.

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