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Have you ever experienced a slip and fall or trip and fall? Were you injured on someone else’s property, such as a store or restaurant? We know that people frequent many places. It would be hard to imagine anyone being able to completely avoid these common incidents.

If you have been able to completely avoid these incidents, consider yourself lucky!

If you have experienced a slip and fall or trip and fall, we hope that you were not injured. However, if you were you might not have known the best way to handle the situation. This is where Garrison Law Firm can help you.

Here are 9 tips if you have been injured after a slip and fall or any kind of accident on someone else’s property.

  1. Ignore the embarrassment that everyone feels slip an fall or an ungraceful move. You need to preserve evidence!
  2. Determine what caused you to slip and fall. “I don’t know” does not prove anything. If liquid caused your fall, determine what kind of liquid and where it came from. Also, try to determine how long it had been there before you fell.
  3. Gather contact information from witnesses on the scene. Do this right away because witnesses have a tendency to disappear!
  4. Take photographs of everything (i.e., the scene, whatever caused your accident, and your injuries).
  5. Talk to a manager or employee for the business and request that an to make incident report. You can also request a copy of the incident report for yourself, but if they refuse to give you a copy, it is okay. Do not become hostile with the manager or employee. The business may have the right to refuse to give you a copy of the incident report. Garrison Law Firm can help you get a copy of the incident report should that become necessary.
  6. Find out if surveillance video of the incident exists. Ask the manager or an employee for the business to preserve any video as well as any other evidence.
  7. If you feel immediate pain following your accident seek medical attention right away. Only you know how you are feeling and whether you need to see a doctor or go to an emergency room. If you decide to seek treatment, then you want to do so sooner than later. The longer you wait to seek medical attention, the more of a gap in treatment you incur. Insurance companies love to see gaps in treatment. They like to use those gaps against you. They do this by arguing that something else could have happened during that time to have caused your pain or aggravated your injury. Remember to avoid gaps in treatment when possible, and always follow your doctor’s orders!
  8. You want to use your health insurance to pay your medical bills. Some people become angry or confused when they’re told to use their own health insurance. That anger comes from the belief that the accidents are not their fault. However, you must remember that your medical bills are always your responsibility even if an accident is not your fault. You must also remember that this is why you pay for health insurance – to protect you in these circumstances. If you fail to pay your bills or use your available insurance, your bills may end up in collections. This may affect your credit in a negative way.
  9. Call Garrison Law Firm to determine your rights. We will help you find out what sources of recovery may be available to you.


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Unfortunately, just because you are injured on someone else’s property does not automatically make the accident someone else’s fault. However, if you call Garrison Law Firm after being injured on someone else’s property, we can advise you on whether we believe you have a case for negligence against the property owner.

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