Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorneys

at Garrison Law Firm

Personal Injury Attorneys

Our personal injury attorneys represent clients in negligence cases, where it is alleged that someone’s conduct imposed an unreasonable risk to another which resulted in personal injury or wrongful death to that person. These cases can involve dog bites, slip and fall accidents, car and truck accidents, as well as employment injuries caused by someone other than the employer or a co-worker.

If you or a loved one has suffered from an injury, contact one of our personal injury attorneys now!

Our Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys are efficient negotiators, and we work to handle your injury accident cases as amicably as possible. However, in those cases where reaching a just settlement is not a possibility, we will file a lawsuit and aggressively intervene on your behalf. We have the skill and ability to obtain compensation for you if you have suffered because of another.

Our law firm has helped our personal injury clients get back the financial losses they have incurred because of their injuries. With that experience, we can help you too!

Contact us at 317-842-8283 or fill out the contact form below to speak with one of our Indiana personal injury attorneys.


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How Garrison Law Firm helps you!

  • Explain the claim process
  • Explain the legal process
  • Obtain police reports
  • Relieve the stress of dealing with insurance companies
  • Prepare you for giving any necessary statement to insurance adjusters
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Locate and preserve evidence
  • Help you properly document your injuries and treatment
  • Help uninsured clients find medical treatment on a lien basis
  • Pursue all avenues of possible recovery
  • Avoid legal pitfalls (they are numerous)
  • Locate and hire necessary expert witnesses
  • Present your claim with a formal, legally and medically supported, demand package
  • Obtain your medical bills, medical records, and lost wage documentation
  • Negotiate down liens of medical subrogation claims, workers comp claims, and unpaid medical providers
  • File suit in court if your case does not settle in the claim stage
  • Litigate your claim through formal discovery, mediation, motion practice, and jury trial
  • Take no attorney fee until your case is resolved (written contingent fee agreement)
  • Advance the expenses of preparing your case so you have no out-of-pocket expenses


Chris Garrison

Chris Garrison

Personal Injury Attorney

Greg Garrison

Greg Garrison

Personal Injury Attorney

Ashley Dayhuff

Ashley Dayhuff

Personal Injury Attorney

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