Must-read rules for anyone going through a divorce

Explaining divorce to someone who hasn’t experienced the process can be difficult. For many separated spouses, the issue of child custody quickly takes precedence over nearly every other aspect of divorce. In Indiana, negotiations over custody rely heavily on the protocols established by the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. To ensure that your children aren’t given short shrift during your divorce, familiarize yourself with these rules.

What Are the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines?

These guidelines are contained within a comprehensive document issued by the Indiana judiciary. According to the document itself, these guidelines exist “to provide a model which may be adjusted depending upon the unique needs and circumstances of each family.” Using the assumption that children should ideally maintain close contact with both of their parents after the finalization of a divorce, the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines recommend specific points, types and frequencies of contact and visitation in accordance with the latest scientific consensus on the subject. These guidelines are heavily dependent on the age and needs of the children involved.

How They Play Into a Divorce

The guidelines apply broadly to all “normal” divorce situations. For their purposes, the identity of the person who initiated the divorce or the circumstances surrounding the divorce are immaterial. However, there are several important exceptions to this general rule:

  • Divorces initiated by spousal or child abuse
  • Situations in which the risk of child kidnapping is real
  • Divorces precipitated by substance abuse or other behavior that endangers children
Some major provisions of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines include:
  • Parents must maintain close communication with their children and must make themselves available to one another for the purposes of child-related communication
  • A parent may not interfere with the other’s communication or visitation with his or her child
  • Parents must share information related to a child’s schooling, health and other important issues

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines represent just one set of divorce-related rules among many. As you work your way through the divorce process and tackle the hard work of getting your affairs in order, you’ll need to work with a trusted representative who understands Indiana family law through and through. To learn more about what you can expect from your custody negotiations, give us a call at (317) 842-8283 or fill out the online contact form.