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Garrison Law Firm, LLC has long prided itself on being highly accessible to our personal injury (accident) clients. We feel this is one of our greatest strengths because we keep our clients informed of the status of their cases and we take their questions seriously. At GLF, our accessibility can be summed up in the word “TEAM.” We have great lawyers, paralegals, and other staff on our team that do a wonderful job of keeping up with our clients’ needs. Our motto is “Every client is our top priority.”

So what does being the top priority at the GLF TEAM look like to you, the client? It is, as mentioned, accessibility, but it is also dependability and affordability.


Accessibility does not just mean you can talk to us on the phone (although that is very important); it also means you can meet with us in person. Whether it’s an office appointment or a visit in your own home, we will make it happen and you will have our undivided attention.


Dependability means you can count on our legal excellence, courteous professional treatment, and experiential advice and capabilities. No matter what comes up in the course of your personal injury case, you can rely on our team to walk with you and guide you through every step.


In personal injury cases, affordability means GLF advances your claim and litigation expenses, and you pay no attorney fee until you get paid your settlement or verdict judgment. This is called a “contingent fee,” which means there is no attorney fee if there is no recovery.

You Are Our Top Priority

Finally, having you as our top priority means you too become an integral part of our team. As our client, you will participate with the team as a witness to the occurrence, as a witness to the medical treatment, and as a witness to the suffering and anguish that resulted from the occurrence. On every team, team members have their roles and duties. At GLF, the same is true and our team runs efficiently and productively to maximize the value of your case.

If you have been injured in an accident, then you need to join the GLF TEAM and make us your team…


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