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You provided an education that will last them a lifetime. You deserve to be paid. We collect unpaid tuition and fees for educational institutions.

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You care about your students. Even the ones that struggle to pay their tuition and fees. That is why our creditors’ rights attorneys work to recover the money you are due in an amicable and stress-free manner.

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Our debt collection team will review your accounts and give an honest and clear assessment of their collectability.

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We will send a simple contract for you to sign and return so that we can get started on your accounts.


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Focus on your current students and making a difference in their lives. You can relax knowing that we’re working hard to get you paid in an effective and respectful way.

We Don’t Get Paid Until You Get Paid

We understand you might not want to invest heavily in the debt collection process. This is why we work on a contingent fee basis. We don’t take a fee until we recover for you. The only up-front cost to you will be court filing fees. When necessary, you make the final decision on which accounts you want to file suit on and which you do not.

Here’s How it Works

While some students and families will pay quickly and in full, others will take more time and effort on our part. There is a lot that goes into the legal collections process. Here is a quick overview. You won’t need to remember this. We just thought you might like to know ahead of time. Here is a simple overview of the debt collection process.

1. Send Your Accounts

After you’ve exhausted your collection capabilities, send your accounts to our team.


2. Letters Sent

We’ll send a demand letter immediately, followed by a final letter 30 days later.

3. Suit Filed

If you choose, we’ll request necessary court costs, and documentation before filing suit in the county in which the debtor resides.

4. Take a Judgment

If the debtor does not respond, we will file for default judgment on the account.


5. Action Taken

There are several possibilities for further action we can take if the debtor has not paid or made arrangements following a default judgment. Those might include an order to appear in court for an asset examination, employment wage garnishment, and/or bank account levy action.

6. Repeat

For the accounts that have not been successfully collected, we will continue to work over time toward eventual collection.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have been using Garrison Law Firm since November of 2012.  We were using a different firm before Garrison and the results we have obtained with Garrison have far exceeded anything we were getting before. They are very easy to work with. Once we turn the information over to them, there is no need to worry about the account any longer.  They proceed on their own and only contact us if there is a major decision that needs to be made. We are very grateful we made the switch 6 years ago. It has worked very well for us.

M. Hagan

Business Manager, University High School

There are a lot of demands in providing for quality education, maintaining good relationships, and collecting tuition for services provided. At times, you become convinced that the last 10% of the tuition to be collected for a year takes 90% of your time.  This is why I need the reliability of Garrison Law Firm. They work beside you, take on some of the burden, and give integrity to our efforts as a school.

M. Brandt

Principal, Lutheran High School

Meet Martha McDermott

Martha McDermott is an experienced Creditor’s Rights Attorney. She represents educational institutions, financial institutions, medical professionals, businesses, and individuals throughout Indiana in debt collection matters. Whether it is collateral recovery, filing estate claims, litigating a case, or creditor representation in debtor’s bankruptcy proceedings, Martha diligently pursues debtors to maximize recovery for her clients.

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