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“Words pay no debts” ~ William Shakespeare

Indiana Debt Collection Attorneys

Debt collection is a business transaction, not an emotional experience. With over 40 years of experience in legal debt recovery, the professional staff at Garrison Law Firm takes the emotion out of collections, managing more than 5,000 cases per year.

Your business success depends on maintaining current receivables. The clients of Garrison Law Firm leverage our experience, litigation skill, and real world experience in debt recovery to achieve collateral retrieval and account recovery without debtor grievance.

If you have not sent a former client, student, customer or patient to collections, the thought of it might be overwhelming. Garrison Law Firm aims to take the emotion out of collection proceedings by helping you understand every step of the legal process and your rights.

We service most counties in the state of Indiana and have a network of co-counsel across the United States. We will diligently pursue debtors to maximize recovery for our clients.

Our goal is to make the process as painless as possible. We vow to treat both client and debtor with respect to collect the debt in a smooth, efficient, and professional manner. Set up a meeting or phone consultation today to find out how Garrison Law Firm can help your business collect the money it is due.

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your staff. You can contact our office today to discuss our highly flexible contingency rates and additional benefits of being a client with Garrison Law Firm, LLC. We will provide client references upon request.

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Industries We Support


Garrison Law Firm, LLC represents numerous medical and dental providers in the central Indiana area. Dentists and physicians are medical professionals as well as business owners, and it is important to keep close control on your accounts receivables. When your accounts are aged over 90 days, your recovery percentages typically go down. Garrison Law Firm, LLC diligently pursues collection of your health care receivables while maintaining HIPPA compliance. We understand that your reputation in the community matters, and we promote a positive image on behalf of our medical provider clients while also showing sensitivity to the circumstances that may accompany medical debts.


For over 35 years, the attorneys at Garrison Law Firm, LLC have represented credit unions and financial institutions. We handle all types of cases from overdraft transactions, delinquent credit card debt, bad checks, breach of promissory notes and defaults on security agreements. We coordinate repossession of secured collateral, the sale of the collateral, and work with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles to secure new titles. We regularly utilize the court system to achieve replevin of your collateral or institute wage garnishments once judgment is obtained. GLF will also file claims or reaffirmation agreements in Indiana bankruptcy court to protect your rights to payments and your collateral.


We represent universities and private schools in the Indianapolis area in the collection of unpaid tuition, room and board, textbook rental, or other educational costs.  We operate in strict regulatory compliance with consumer collection standards and protocols.


Garrison Law Firm, LLC represents other attorneys, law firms, accountants, and small business owners with recovery of their delinquent receivables. We work with business owners and their former clients to reach fair and reasonable settlements.


Sometimes it is not an individual who fails to pay you, but another business. Garrison Law Firm, LLC will represent you as you seek to recover a debt owed to you by another business.



As a collection client, if a debtor account you sent us files bankruptcy, we will draft and file Proof of Claim forms and Reaffirmation agreements at no extra charge. Dealing with bankruptcy law can be difficult and time consuming. If you have debtors that file chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, and we are not currently handling that account, our office will draft and file Proof of Claim forms and Reaffirmation agreements (including out-of-state filings), attend the first meeting of creditors, and negotiate the surrender of security when necessary for a small fee. All proceeds on non-referred collection accounts paid through the bankruptcy on your claim will be directly forwarded to you from the bankruptcy trustee. See the attached list of fees charged for these services.


Garrison Law Firm has successfully worked with financial institutions for more than thirty years handling the repossession of vehicles and other secured assets. These services are available to our regular collection clients or on a case by case basis for individual accounts. Our office will work to locate, recover and sell the item as well as pursue recovery of any deficiency balance after the repossession and sale are complete.


Martha McDermott


Martha McDermott was born in Flint, Michigan and obtained her undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Iowa in 1992 and her Juris Doctorate from Indiana University in 1995. She has been practicing law with Greg and Chris Garrison since 1996.

Martha practices in the area of creditor’s rights. She represents financial institutions, medical professionals, businesses and individuals throughout Indiana in debt collection matters. Whether it is collateral recovery, filing estate claims, litigating a case, or creditor representation in debtor’s bankruptcy proceedings, Martha diligently pursues debtors to maximize recovery for her clients.

AV Rating

Martha is an AV Preeminent® rated lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell. This rating signifies that Martha’s peers ranked her at the highest level of professional excellence for her legal knowledge, communication skills and ethical standards.


At Garrison Law Firm we look at our staff as a family. We view you and your staff in the same manner. We not only want to serve your organization in its debt collection needs, but we also want to serve your entire staff in all of their legal needs.

We would like to offer all current members of your staff a 15% discount on any legal service that our office provides. We hope that you will let your staff know that we are available to them at any time.

This applies to all areas of law practiced by the attorneys of Garrison Law Firm.

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