Construction Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, many injuries from construction accidents are serious, life-changing, and sometimes life-ending! Construction accidents can lead to medical expenses and lost time from work. They can also cause the loss of jobs and careers. They may impose hardship on the worker and his or her spouse and family. Future medical expenses and lost opportunities for future employment can increase the value of the worker’s damages.

For Example:

Imagine a 30-year old road construction worker or carpenter loses a limb. Maybe he or she suffers a debilitating spinal injury or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). That person may need medical care for the rest of their life at a tremendous expense.

Such serious injuries open the door for other legal considerations. These may include Medicare requirements for settlement or verdict proceeds to be set aside for reduction of future Medicare payment obligations. Structured settlements are delayed payments over time. They can be used to protect proceeds so that they will be there to provide for the worker’s care in the coming years.

Most construction accident cases need an expert witness to establish liability. Much of the liability issue is controlled by construction laws, regulations, and guidelines. Potential defendants can be general contractors, sub-contractors, architects, and engineers, among others.


Worker’s Compensation

Generally, an employee may not recover from his or her employer other than under worker’s compensation (work comp). Work Comp is the employee’s sole and exclusive source of compensation from the employer. Yet, any other party named above may be at fault or partially at fault for causing the injury to the worker. These parties are NOT protected by work comp in most instances (but not all).

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